How We Cut Down or Resize a Roll of Sign Vinyl / Tape

Rolls of standard sign vinyl or reflective tape can be “cleanly” cut down, resized or converted to different sizes in two ways.  One way is by using a rewind slitter and the other is by using a baloney slitter or roll slitter.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each method.  We convert or resize sign vinyl rolls using a baloney or roll slitter.  We first tighten up the roll and tape it.  Then we measure out the roll widths and mark where the cut will be.  Finally, we start the machine and pull the blade through the material.  The advantage of slitting this way is that it is quick and clean.  The edges generally come out just like the factory edge.  We can create rolls that start at 1/2″. The price for slitting is $10 per roll that we create.  For example, a 24″ roll cut to 4 – 6″ rolls would run $40.  For more information you can email me at or call 850-934-3157.